Our intense speed, agility, and focus combined with a tech + capital mashup style is transforming the startup process. Our big data companies are built around market driven needs AND partner driven needs.

  • Cirro


    Solving the analytics challenge of integrating data silos across the data center and the cloud, Cirro’s Next Generation Data Federation platform provides a single point-of-access to all enterprise data assets. Seamlessly integrating SaaS, Hadoop, NoSQL and traditional data sources, Cirro enables the querying of multiple real-time and contextual data sources with existing BI tools.

  • Sentrian


    Sentrian, the first Remote Patient Intelligence Company, aspires to eliminate all preventable hospitalization by leveraging the revolution in biosensors and machine learning to remotely detect patient deterioration before problems become acute.

  • Maana


    Maana is the analytics platform that operationalizes big data insights into line-of-business applications. Maana makes it easy for enterprises to turn data from multiple silos into continuous insights in days. Enterprises are optimizing key assets and business processes with Maana by operationalizing big data insights and recommendations into line-of-business applications for thousands of employees to make better decisions.

  • OspreyData


    OspreyData harnesses the mass of sensor data generated by modern, high-value mechanical assets to predict and prevent failures, reduce downtime, and enhance operating efficiency.

  • Predixion Software


    Predixion was founded on the belief that predictive analytics has the power to create a smarter, safer and healthier world – and access to that power should not be limited to a select few with extensive statistical knowledge. To that end, Predixion has developed a self-service predictive analytics platform that is designed for the business analyst and other non-technical users, but is powerful and flexible enough for data scientists. Predixion also expedites the “Last Mile of Analytics™” – the deployment of powerful predictions directly to the people who need them to act – so the value of being predictive is realized immediately.

  • Source Thought


    SourceThought is transforming how enterprises gather and combine information, drastically reducing the time to analytics. Customers utilize self-service tools to ingest, cleanse, join, and restructure data on Hadoop via Automated Data Shaping, with no ETL or programming experience required.

    SourceThought produces highly dynamic shapes that can be reused, adapted, and deployed in a far more scalable and flexible fashion than alternative approaches.

  • ubix


    The most overlooked secret in current big data technologies is that NONE of them are capable (even as they evolve) of supporting a specific type of analytics that enterprises desperately need. Ubix is the first platform to combine both Iterative Discovery and Unified Deployment at the speed and scale necessary for this class of applications.

  • Exara


    Exara provides immediate and configurable access to high fidelity machine data for enterprise data consumers. Our software enables users to explore, analyze, evaluate, and test field asset data models in order to separate high value data. And, importantly, enable dynamic decision support per requirements driven by enterprise domain experts.

  • PingThings


    PingThings brings powerful predictive analytics to the electric utility vertical leveraging the SmartGrid and the internet of things (IoT). A reliable grid and the protection of utility assets is of paramount importance for businesses, consumers and national security. PingThings delivers solutions that address the dynamic changes effecting the electric utility space and the significant impacts from growing solar generation and other renewable energy sources, electric car energy consumption, and geomagnetic disruptions to name just a few. All of these drivers and more are impacting the way electricity is reliably delivered to businesses and consumers.

  • NarrativeWave


    NarrativeWave is the Narrative Delivery Platform for the Industrial Internet. F100 clients interpret, understand, and get real-time results in an easy-to-use “Narration of their Industrial Assets”.

    NarrativeWave’s platform empowers F1000 Global Manufacturers of large industrial assets and their service management teams to deliver real-time incident intelligence to decrease their costs,
    reduce incident management timeframes by 90%, and improve customer response times relative to service contracts.

  • AdaptiveWell


    AdaptiveWell provides a unique, automated decision support technology that combines critical aspects of machine learning, optimization and Big Data analytics while leveraging operational and planning data to solve the most relevant and cost-effective optimization problems.

  • Penzata


    Penzata is revolutionizing how advanced analytics helps to achieve optimized individualized care, engagement, and wellness.

  • Veracity


    Veracity is the next generation end point security solution, focused on behavior-based anomaly detection, to secure the Industrial Internet.

  • Pinscriptive


    Pinscriptive leverages Big Data analytics to identify the most clinically effective specialty medications at an optimal cost for each individual patient. They’re ushering in a new era of precision medicine – providing actionable intelligence that enables healthcare providers the ability to prescribe exactly the right drug, for the right patient, all at an optimized value.

  • Tellit


    Tellit Health is changing the way doctors and medical practitioners view patient records. We’re building a next generation platform that reveals the story hidden in each patient’s medical records and produces an individualized narrative relevant to the clinical decision at hand.

    Tellit Health improves diagnostic capabilities by using Natural Language Processing to generate an intelligent summary of patient history relevant to the clinical decision at hand.

  • Mindshare Medical


    Mindshare Medical has developed a revolutionary clinical decision support technology that provides personalized diagnostics and guidance on the effectiveness of follow-on procedures and treatments. Our unique approach dramatically improves quality of patient care and reduces financial liability for healthcare organizations.

    Mindshare Medical stratifies patient risk within the context of rich population image and patient information. Our analytics uses image pattern recognition algorithms combined with EMR, treatment, and outcome data through deep learning to build intelligence that assists clinicians and patients in making more effective and efficient clinical decisions.

  • Needlehawk


    NeedleHawk drastically reduces risk and improves operations of pipelines, gathering networks, and buried gas infrastructure. Utilizing big data, predictive analytics and human augmented physical systems intelligence, NeedleHawk makes pipelines safer and smarter.

  • genieDB


    GenieDB provides a highly differentiated database-as-a-service (DBaaS) that dramatically transforms database management in the cloud. As a self-service platform, GenieDB automates the most challenging facets of web-scale database management, saving time, money and accelerating development of next-generation applications.

  • AppLayer

    AppLayer was created to integrate the horizontal technologies within the Frost portfolio companies with technology delivery capabilities to enable a new era of “Contextual Analytics”. AppLayer’s platform will enable more efficient and effective development of vertical applications across current and new Frost portfolio companies and partners.

  • Frost Edge


    Frost Edge is systems integration company that leverages the capabilities and technologies of the Frost portfolio companies.

  • ThinkIQ


    ThinkIQ provides a platform for applications to use data from the Internet of Things and apply the power of modern analytics to solve intractable challenges that have challenged Industrial customers for decades.