Cirro Tapped as One of 10 Cloud Startups

by The Data Capital


While the term “cloud computing” has become trendy and perhaps overused, what many people don’t realize is that it is because of cloud startups that our experience of data has become intuitive and effortless. Below are 10 startups which have had significant impact on the data landscape.

1 | MetricaDB

MetricaDB provides an effective solution for analysts who are looking to analyze data from all cloud services in one place. After signing up for the service, you select the different SaaS programs you use. After extracting data from these services, MetricaDB presents everything in one easy to analyze excel sheet. MetricaDB simplifies the data analysis and collection process and offers a straightforward approach to handling data scattered across the cloud.

2 | Synapsify

Synapsify helps companies with everything from content management to brand analytics. Synapsify’s analysis goes beyond simple keyword analysis which would stop at classifying a text into positive, negative and neutral keywords. Instead, a company is given a sense of the quality, credibility and balance of a text. This gives a company a good idea of the kind of content that they should be promoting to increase engagement. In today’s content-driven world, this is a valuable tool for any company.

3 | CloudAware

CloudAware is the first socially enabled cloud management tool for the enterprise, helping IT departments build a service layer on top of cloud providers such as Amazon. The company has built its suite of cloud services with a deep-rooted social fabric enabled by Salesforce’s Chatter which facilitates communication and awareness between all parties in the IT value chain — ranging from business management to development and security. With its novel social approach and an impressive array of customers including AOL AOL -3.37% and Thomson Reuters TRI +0.08%, this startup may change cloud management in a big way.

4 | SaltStack

SaltStack is a unique configuration-management tool which helps enterprises manage all aspects of their data infrastructure effectively and efficiently. This includes both data management as well as remote execution. What makes SaltStack unique is that it’s the fastest and most efficient tool for data management in the cloud. SaltStack makes it possible to execute a command on multiple servers from one master machine in seconds. This could include updating all servers or installing and configuring software.

5 | aims to automate some of the more tedious and time consuming processes which tend to delay software development. By reducing the time developers spend preparing to code — including tracking and documenting code — efficiency and productivity are increased. On average, at least 30 percent of a developer’s time is spent preparing to code. aims improve development time by automating and doing away with inefficient and tedious tasks.

6 | AppScale

AppScale helps prevent lock-in or reliance on any one Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS | provider. This means that companies now have the option to build and run applications with the peace of mind that at any point they can move them. What makes AppScale unique is instead of simply offering another PaaS service, it provides a service for migrating apps from one cloud to another or even to self-hosted servers. In this way, AppScale contributes to the mobility and portability of apps.

7 | 28msec

28msec aims to analyze data from any source in record time. This data-processing platform extracts data from multiple sources and multiple formats and processes/analyzes it with speed. 28msec is able to process terabytes of data scattered across different platforms in seconds and is able to do so in real time. A CTO’s dream come true.

8 | Wercker

Wrecker is a Saas provider which helps companies reduce development time and avoid mistakes through continuous delivery. The aim of the service is to speed up the development process and increase developer efficiency. Wercker does this by letting developers test and deploy their code often and in the most hassle free manner possible. With Werker, developers get to focus on the task at hand without worrying about about tedious processes.

9 | Cirro

Cirro is about making it easy for analysts without an IT background to access, analyze and understand data. There are many platforms which offer a similar service but it’s only Cirro that offers it to non-technical analysts. This and the fact that Cirro makes it possible to manage data from desktop applications puts it in a class of its own. For example, using Cirro one could access data through a desktop application like Microsoft MSFT -1.44% Excel.

10 | Kaggle

Kaggle is a novel crowdsourcing platform which lets companies outsource the tough data and software development questions. The platform works by offering a prize to the number cruncher who provides the best solution to the problem at hand. Kaggle is an impressive cloud based platform which wouldn’t exist if not for the cloud. Formidable computing power is needed to host all the data that makes this platform possible.