Why GE, Chevron, and other energy giants are backing this big data startup

By Heather Clancy

Both Google and Facebook are employing knowledge graphs to improve search

Many analytics software companies talk up the concept of “data lakes,” referring to a means of organizing all types of business information and metrics as an important element of big data projects.

As Platfora founder Ben Werther explained it to me in September 2014, while data warehouses can be likened to well-organized file cabinets, data lakes are more akin to shoe boxes that you use to store items you think might become useful in the future but haven’t figured out how to classify. But is this approach to organizing management really scalable as big data jobs get bigger?

Maana, one of more than a dozen big data startups to emerge from Frost Data Capital incubator, advocates an alternate concept dubbed the “knowledge graph.”

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