Exara testing state-of-the-art IOT hardware

Frost Data Capital portfolio company, Exara, is revolutionizing the way industrial companies capture, curate, and consume machine data from high value field-based assets.

Exara’s CEO, Brian Murphy, is holding is 256 GB Micron m.2 solid state storage device. They are evaluating it as an upgrade to the Dell 5100 Edge Gateway pictured directly in front of Brian (the larger device). This is Dells industrial version of their 5000 series Edge Gateway product line. The 5100 pictured is one of the first early evaluation units delivered to Dell partners, worldwide.

The smaller device is a gateway device built by Advantech for Intel’s IDP DK300 Development Kit. Exara used these early on for development and proof of concepts for Oil & Gas applications. It was not specifically designed for industrial environments, but is fanless with extended temperature certification.