Symantec and Frost Data Capital partner for a one-two punch in security and IoT analytics

Analyst: Scott Crawford, 451 Research

On July 15, 2015, Symantec and Frost Data Capital announced a partnership to fuel innovation in security analytics, big data and Internet of Things (IoT) security. The combination will create and seed early-stage startups with funding, resources and expertise. Symantec has faced significant challenges in recent years. Threats that defeat legacy defenses continue to make headlines, and Symantec has had a series of internal reorganizations to reshape its business and strategy.

With this partnership, Symantec seeks a new path to sustaining security leadership. Frost is known as a big-data and analytics incubator, with applications to industries such as healthcare, utilities, and oil and gas. This gives Frost a good view of the evolution of analytics for managing IoT, while Symantec's avenues into the security market should help the partnership identify new opportunities for managing emerging threats and disruptive forces such as IoT.

Innovators in security analytics face a one-two punch, particularly when it comes to talent. Finding security expertise is hard and expensive – but finding data scientists today may be even more difficult. However, this is precisely the combination required to move the needle in security analytics. With a published intent to grow as many as 10 security and IoT analytics startups per year, Symantec and Frost aim to set an aggressive pace, and force competitors to punch above their weight.