Help Those Displaced by the Nepal Earthquake - an Appeal From Dr Jack

The following letter is an appeal from Frost Data Capital General Partner Dr Jack Kreindler. For specific questions or comments regarding his letter, you may contact Dr Jack directly on Twitter via @drjackUK or email,


My Dearest Friends,

Last week I stepped off a lovely shiny Boeing 777 from LA and I now find myself caught up in the bloody awful tragedy that is Nepal. Some of you will know that many of my colleagues and friends have lost close ones or even their own lives in the mountains of Nepal. I did not know until now the extraordinary scale of the disaster from the earthquake.

It is expected that of the 1.8 million Nepalese who just lost their homes and livelihood, hundreds of thousands will die unless we can get adequate relief. More than anyone, tens of thousands of lovely sherpas and porters of higher ground have been affected. They probably won't be able to earn a living for several seasons whilst the country is rebuilt.

You Can Help 1,000 People Have Necessities for 12 Months

If you who have experienced the mountains or ever been or dreamt of trekking amongst the highest peaks on our planet, or anywhere, please join me in helping the sherpas and porters whose livelihood depend on us. The monies raised from our efforts will go directly to the people in the mountain regions of Nepal where all the trekking happens. I personally know the people in the middle of this mammoth relief effort. They are EXPERT in sustainable support for communities. No penny will be wasted. They don't spend stuff on ANY luxuries (okay maybe the odd beer for a big celebration). Everyone is a volunteer. No-one in the charity gets paid. With a million dollars we can help 1000 people and their families have 12 months food and basic necessities to piece their lives back together and start taking us safely up mountains again.

My colleagues in the mountain medicine world support and chair a charity called the International Porter Protection Group (IPPG). An organization which houses, feeds, delivers medicine and supports the rights of the people of mountain communities. Sherpas and porters enable some of the most privileged in the world, like us, to fulfill life-long ambitions, sometimes at the price of their own lives of experiencing places like Everest. They now need our money. Badly.

I'm 'setting the valuation' for this funding round. The deal terms are not great. I'm raising $1,000,000 for 0% of IPPG / Nepal Inc. I believe that makes your shares INFINITELY VALUABLE! I am leading the round with 50% of my May take home salary. The upside is a truly royal welcome from all in the world of mountaineering, IPPG, BaseCamp and everyone on the way as soon as we rebuild the region. Great for a vacation one day!

Dr Jack's always there for you 24/7 (TM)

Now, as a trade in, Dr Jack's unashamedly begging for you to be there for others. Dig as deep as you can. I will look after you and take you climbing, trekking and give you IV's post Las Vegas forever :-).

I implore you to donate to the relief effort. Donations are being accepted directly through an IPPG site at:  

On behalf of my dear friend and tireless volunteer and advocate Dr Nick Mason, the Chair of the Board of IPPG, we thank you in advance for your support and generosity. We are massively grateful to all.

Please join me. It's good for your soul (or your midichlorians if you're a Jedi)